Jason Jean - Tattered Beans

Jason Jean has been an entrepreneur for quite some time, his passion project is Tattered Beans Coffee and they help out veterans, Police, Fire and EMS by giving back with every bag of coffee sold. You can find him on IG HERE and visit Tattered Beans Website HERE and IG HERE

You can Email me at Brian@theherfcast.com and all of my links are HERE

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The Priory Society

The priory Society is a podcast for swingers and the "Lifestyle". Eros and Isis tell us all about it! You can find them at PriorySociety.com and on IG and Twitter.

You can find everything with Keegan at KeeganDamron.com

and all of my links are HERE. you can also email me at Brian@theherfcast.com

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Sam Leccia from Stogiebird

Using a new program and forgot to hit record a second time. So Sam talks about Stogiebird and more. Use the coupon code GIVEMETHEBIRD for $5 off your first shipment at Stogiebird.com

check out the store at TheHerfcast.com

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Daryl Davis and Koffe Black

This episode is not about cigars… at all. Daryl Davis is an Author of This Book a musician and has had a documentary about his experiences with the KKK that you can find HERE and we talk about his experiences in life, including musicians he has played with, black history and of course, getting over 200 members of the KKK to leave. Visit his website HERE. Koffee Black is in studio with me to join in on the conversation. I hope you enjoy!

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Mo - Patina Cigars

Mo is the owner of Patina Cigars. We talk about some sports, cigars and some of his experiences being on the road in the cigar industry. You can find him on Instagram, His website and E-mail him at Patinacigars@gmail.com

All of my links are HERE including the donation page to St. Baldrick’s to raise money for childhood cancer research! Please subscribe, rate and review on whatever platform you listen on, and send me Emails at Brian@theherfcast.com

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Denny - Cigarheadz Podcast

Denny has a podcast called Cigarheadz, and its general man talk then a cigar review. It’s quite entertaining! check them out HERE on apple podcasts and find him on Instagram HERE,

All of my links are HERE

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