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Koffee Black has been here a few other times, and hes back to talk about his hiatus from comedy, mental health, cigars, booze and more! Find him on IG HERE to keep up with his happenings!

All of my links can be found HERE

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Josh Sumrall with Kelly Sparks, Curtis and Terry from the Bearded Idiots Podcast

Josh Sumrall is a local comedian andf you can find his group on FB - Chubby Gang Comedy

Kelly has A whiskey review channel on YOUTUBE

You can find Kelly, Curtis, Terry and Beezy on The Bearded Idiots Podcast

All of my links are HERE and you can email me at

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Mike Duarte

A picture on Mikes FB caught my attention and made me curious. So, I asked him to come on the show and tell me about it!

He gave a history and culture lesson that I really enjoyed, I hope you do too!

You can Email me at and all of my links are HERE. Dont forget to save $5 on Stogiebird with the code HERFCAST!

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Kelly Sparks - The Bearded Idiots

Kelly Sparks is a Marine Veteran, 1/3rd of The Bearded Idiots Podcast (Which can be found on any podcast provider) and YouTuber for Honest Whisk(e)y Reviews. We talk cigars, booze and even get into a little bit of conspiracy theories. If you like coffe, order some Tattered Beans Coffee HERE!

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Trivia Rogues Return

Billy, Don and Jeff are the Trivia Rogues. you can check out their show HERE and find them on FB IG and Twitter.

We talk about cigars, Darklord Day, Trivia and much more!

You can find all my links HERE and Email me at

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Jason Jean - Tattered Beans

Jason Jean has been an entrepreneur for quite some time, his passion project is Tattered Beans Coffee and they help out veterans, Police, Fire and EMS by giving back with every bag of coffee sold. You can find him on IG HERE and visit Tattered Beans Website HERE and IG HERE

You can Email me at and all of my links are HERE

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